Support from DFID

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our bid for funds to the UK Department for International Development through the 'Small Charities Challenge Fund'. The bid is to build 2100 stoves in 18 villages. DFID are funding 87% of the costs of the project and Mbedza Projects Support the remainder. Building work started last month and the project will complete in March 2020. 

We are learning more and more about the benefits and impact that the Esperanza stove is having on the lives of women and girls from time saved, money saved, health improvements and new activities that are starting as a result. A great joy to think that these villages will be receiving this development:

Nkanda 2, Chilambe, Kambwiri, Lamiya, Mpindimule, Majiya, Songolo, Chazima, Yasi, Mbengule, Chimpini, Kam'baule, Namwela, Chikwekwele, M'bwana, M'dela, Chidothi and Mbewe.

Thank you to DFID, the team at Mannon Daniels who are assisting us and all our supporters who are helping this small transformation to take place. 

julian watson