"Putting Songani on the Map"

From Angella Banda: "We had a very good day on 23rdJuly, 2018 at Songani Trading Centre ground where we organized an awareness campaign for the youth centre. On this day, we organized a number of activities which were performed by the Songani Youth Club members (this is a group of youths trained and supported by Songani Youth Centre) We had drama, dancing group, comedy and football commentators as part of the activities. The football commentators were not commentating about football as such, rather it was a game between the youths that are aware of HIV/AIDS and those that are not. They were creating awareness of the dangers of HIV/AIDS.

We also organized a singing competition where local Songani artists performed. These local artists are not members of the youth club. We had a big audience that came to watch (you can see this in the picture) and this gave us the impression that the youth in Songani lack entertainment. Apart from speaking about the services we offer at the youth centre, we had to think of what could entertain them even as we were spreading the message of HIV/AIDS through the activities of the day. This is just the beginning and we are looking forward to organizing another function of HIV awareness campaign in order to feed the people with necessary messages about this virus. Behavior change is one of the goals we want to achieve because immoral behaviours are common in the Songani area for it is a busy trading centre and prostitution as well as is other risky traditional practices are common."

julian watson