Borehole Project

The three boreholes that were installed in 2001, 2012 and 2015 have given us great joy. Before these existed, villagers were getting their drinking water from streams, rivers and other water holes. When we visited Mbulukuta village in 1997 and 1999, we began to learn about families that lost children to diarrhoea and other waterborne illnesses. We thought the problem was solved in 2001 when the first borehole was drilled, it was only later that we began to learn that the local geography caused various problems. Many villagers couldn't access the borehole in the rainy season because the river was too swollen to cross and in 2011 we discovered that there had been instances of cholera. The great news is that the villagers in Mbulukuta now have access to clean water all year round. In September 2015 we were amazed at the response to our appeal when £5000 was donated for the third borehole - thank you Friends of Malawi!