Cafe Leon Project

Mrs Kalanje was widowed in December 2007 and in 2008 the Kalanje family moved to Monkey Bay. Mrs Kalanje is a woman with a vision for her community, always seeking the welfare of those around her and especially those in need. Mbedza Projects Support has been trying to help this family establish a business that will support both their needs as well as help the local community. We have had failures along the way highlighting the vulnerability that faces any enterprise in a place like Malawi. However, things are changing and in 2012 Cafe Leon was born. In 2015 this was transformed from a grass hut to a brick building with a beautiful roof. 

We are so grateful to the donors who have supported this project and are pleased to report that after a long wait in 2017 the cafe received electricity followed by a fridge. This will significantly improve the business enabling the cafe to generate a profit. 

One indication of the success of the Cafe is that Mrs Kalanje has been able to build a nursery school, providing education and food for over 40 local children. The school is called Chiyambi Day Care Nursery School.


  • Support Chiyambi Day Nursery, any funds will provide food and other resources for the school.
  • Consider joining us on one of our group visits to Malawi and visiting Cafe Leon. Your custom will support the business and you can taste the delights of Mrs Kalanje's cooking, mmmmmm.....yum, chambo and nsima!!