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         Khudza Mitima means 'touching hearts'. That's our experience of Malawi everytime we go!
         Mission Statement
Our purpose is to provide opportunities for UK citizens to visit Malawi and promote global citizenship. We want to enable UK citizens to contribute to projects that will benefit the citizens of Malawi.

What can you expect from a gap project?

It would be naïve if you think that your purpose is to come to Malawi to change Malawi. Many young people have the noble aspiration to make a difference but we believe this is misguided.

You should expect that:

·        Malawi will change you

·        You will receive far more than you will give

·        You will question your own values and life aspirations

·        You will learn and understand something of another culture

·        You will become a more effective voice for justice and those who are poor

·        You will serve a group and community with respect and humility


What project work can I do?

Some students approach us with an area of interest already in mind or an opportunity to do something that links with their studies in the UK. Others have no idea what they want to do. We begin our gap work with various activities in the UK to help you plan and prepare. In Malawi our team will provide you with language and culture training. Our projects are based in Malawian villages and communities and you will have a very unique opportunity to meet these communities and interact with them. Previous Gap Students have:

·        Worked with a local CBO (Community Based Organisation) providing care to vulnerable people.

·        Taught English in a primary school

·        Provided craft activities and workshops at a HIV centre

·        Measured trees and analysed the results

·        Provided sports activities for youth

·        Visited students to encourage them in their education

·        Monitored a project and sent reports back to the UK

·        Worked in a health clinic

·        Supported a craft/enterprise project


We are very keen for you to work with any of our ongoing projects if this matches your area of interest. In particular our work tackling HIV/AIDS is currently a big priority for us. It may seem daunting to you wondering what it is that you have to offer and you will be surprised how the simplest of activities will attract great interest. The youth in Malawi have such limited opportunities and they will really appreciate any activities offered.
                                                  Beth assisting vulnerable families at Chifundo Chathu CBO

                                                  Beth assisting vulnerable families at Chifundo Chathu CBO