Our research has opened our eyes to the acute nature of deforestation in Malawi. The Forestry Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) told us that around Zomba deforestation rates were between 3% and 5%. A University of Malawi study from 2013 predicts that at current rates of consumption Malawi will have no trees remaining by 2033. Among other things the report concludes that Malawi needs to accelerate the introduction of fuel efficient stoves and tree planting.

In 2017 we introduced our tree planting project to six villages - Sosola, Sadi, Robertson, Nkanda, Namonde and Mbulukuta. FRIM provided the villages with training and each home received 20 tree saplings. Households could choose either 'wood cropping' trees, 'fruit trees' or 'nitrogen fixing' varieties. Out total for 2017 was 10,800 trees. We are monitoring the growth of the trees and we also provide fertiliser to ensure that they get off to a good start.

In June 2017 Sosola and Robertson villages were also trained to create their own tree nurseries.

In 2018 we are looking for individuals, groups and businesses that are interested in compensating for their carbon footprint through our tree project. We have a carbon calculator that you can use to work out how many trees you would need to plant. As a rough guide I have just used it to calculate that a person with an average UK carbon footprint of 7 tonnes per year or 35 tonnes over 5 years would need to plant 154 trees each year for 5 years. The cost of planting 154 trees each year is £52.

If you would like more information use our contact page to get in touch and we will send you the excel file and explanatory notes.